The most obvious way to influence behaviour is to use direct, physical measures

For example, if you prohibit access and block the doors to an ‘unsafe’ area, clearly no accidents to visitors will happen there. If you have to close a machine before you can start it, it becomes e.g. physically impossible to get your hands into the running machine. On the other hand, work may become impossible due to too restrictive measures. There has to be a balance between ‘technical measures’ and ‘practical workability’.

Here, we focus on measures to directly influence behaviour. Based on the SHELL model we focus on:

  • Product design (hardware aspects), see the link: gedragsbeinvloeding via ontwerp. (See for more information the download the page ‘gedragsbeïnvloeding via het ontwerp).
  • Communication and incentives towards employees (software aspects).
  • Organizational measures (liveware aspects).

See for more information the download influencing behaviour.